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King Nestle International Company is your one-stop and premier seafood resource on the internet. For over a decade of our launch in the industry, we always have been assisting our customers influentially by giving scrupulous attention to their personal specific needs. We aspire to steadily offer pristine frozen seafood products at unbeatable price rates since we design to exceed the expectations of our customers and design to go far in the specific business.


Here is the lowdown of advantages to choosing King Nestle International Company that you can maximize in point of fact:


Vast range of products

We inventory a vast range of frozen seafood products that we are delivered to via our professional anglers and, at times, from local market. Here are the core frozen seafood products we specialize in:


. Mussels

. Prawns

. Crayfish (live and cooked)

. Crab (live and cooked)

. Octopus

. Squid

. Shrimp

. Pacific Cod and more

. Monkfish and more


Affordability in Price Rates 


King Nestle International Company cherishes the association that has been in being with the esteemed customers so far. We have been able to mark a record in the company not only because of offering top-notch quality products but also because of maintaining tremendous affordability in terms of price.  In other words, our unbeatable affordability in price rates is characteristically the epitome of our consistent and reputable being in the industry.


Customer Support Service:

King Nestle International Company deports its customers with great dignity and strives to offer second-to-none customer support service. We lend ear to our customer’s queries, enquiries and other needs scrupulously and cooperate with them every inch. sharplyTo be exact, we always strive to respond to our customers’ queries without delay and sharply so that we can always be in their good books. 

Why choose King Nestle International Company?


With a lofty goal to oblige our seafood customers delightfully via our top-quality frozen seafood products, King Nestle International Company has the following diverse noble causes to consider choosing it consistently:


1. We offer cream of the crop seafood products at unbeatable prices.

2. We deploy cutting-edge technologies to ensure the ordered seafood products you receive are 100% hygienic and freshest at the time of delivery, which is prompt and well timed. 

3. Multilingual professional customer support technicians scrupulously heed the specific needs of customers and achieve them efficiently. 

While exploring our website end to end if you have come up with any questions or concerns, we embolden you to freely put that across us, since it will help monumentally to step up the quality of our services and products. One of our website’s technicians is always available online to assist you with your queries and concerns.  

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Contact : Ms. Xu Lixing


Mobile : +86 136 7023 8688

Tel/fax: +86 755 2391 1851