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King Nestle Scores a Bull’s eye in terms of Quality and Freshness

King Nestle International Company has earned a distinguished position in the seafood industry as a result of offering high-grade frozen seafood products without breaching quality and budget of the consumers. We offer a wide spectrum of seafood products for you viz. Vannamei White Shrimp, frozen tilapia fillets, cod (Gadus morhua), Alaska Pollock fish, etc. which are selected through our professional anglers from freshwaters. Quality matters to us to the fullest and therefore we implement ultra-modern quality control tools and technologies to ensure our customers always get the ultimate in the range of our products on a shoestring.



King Nestle International Company is reckoned a super smasher in the business of frozen seafood because of maintaining watertight quality in the products we deliver all across the globe. In point of fact, we have a special Quality Check (Q.C.) department that is responsible for surveying the quality of the Frozen Seafood Products attentively. That means, each and every seafood product being ordered inevitably is passed on to the hands of the QC technicians before it is readied for delivery. They follow state-of-the-art and idiot-proof technologies to determine and maintain precision in quality. Suffice to say, the intended seafood product you are looking ahead to receiving will be of the finest quality at the time of delivery.



Freshness is intellectual nourishment for us and so we are committed to offering the freshest quality of seafood products to our worldwide customers in an effort to wow them and we have been a real smasher in achieving the need throughout the professional stint. At King Nestle International Company, we have professional anglers in China that typically travel to far and wide coastal places of the world to grab the wide range of seawater creatures found there and after we get hold of them, our QC team surveys the creature from start to finish to ensure it is hygiene and fit to be eaten. Then we process the seafood creatures through idiot-proof and cutting-edge techniques to make them frozen. We are confident that our seafood products will spur you to salivate over freshness and tastes that are beyond compare.


While exploring our website end to end if you have come up with any questions or concerns, we spur you to freely put that forward to us, since it will help astronomically in optimizing up the quality of our services and products.