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King Nestle International Company Being Regarded as one of the Industry’s Premier Seafood Companies

King Nestle International Company is regarded as one of the predominant suppliers of highest grade and freshest quality seafood products. We have our footsteps in China from where we operate our business. Even in the constantly mushrooming cutthroat competition in the industry, we take the modest pride and a great delight to state that we carve out a niche for ourselves by delivering very sumptuous frozen seafood products and services at most unbeatable price rates. You also give you the word that our singular, and prized hospitable customer service will deeply wow you and inspire you to choose us consistently for receiving quality seafood products. We make our best efforts to be as obliging as possible for our treasured global customers by meeting their every need like a dream.


We utilize proven and groundbreaking technique with the view to ensuring the seafood products you receive are hygienically frozen and you get unmatched seafood from China that you can enjoy to the fullest.



We encourage you to have a look at and explore our vast range of seafood products, which typically include frozen tilapia fillets, Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua), Alaska Pollock fish, Vannamei white shrimp, Golden Pompano, frozen Squid and frozen Blue Mussels that you can choose depending on your personal interests and needs.



We deport our customers with great dignity and therefore strive to offer them as better as possible without costing them a fortune for the service we offer. We do our utmost to win the trust and confidence of our existing and potential customers by adhering to innovative processing line technology and benchmark industry standards.



In our continued efforts to offer highest-quality seafood, King Nestle International Company aims to entertain the taste buds of its seafood gourmets principally. We are sure that you reap the fruits of our efforts readily and to the fullest.