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King Nestle Company Offers Tips on Storing Seafood Products for a Lasting Period

If seafood is on your menu tonight or in the coming nights, you will definitely want to sink your teeth into seafood that it is fresh and edible to eat.

A faint sea smell is quite normal yet it should not emit "fishy" smell, as per food science professionals. Freshly cut fish, flaked crustaceans (shrimps, vannamei white shrimp, lobster, soft shell crabs) and shucked mollusks (mussels, oysters, clams, and mussels) should be humid but not slippery or dry around the edges.

Fresh fish should have crystallized, attractive eyes, not fogged up, desiccated and hollow. Gills should be bright red, not darkened or slimy, and the fish should be moist and springy instead of mushy. Freshly caught prawns, shrimps, lobsters, crabs and rock shrimp should have a standardized light tail without tarnishing.

It is best to buy fresh seafood the day you are going to consume it. If this seems out of the ordinary, it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator until it is readied and cooked. At King Nestle Company, we offer the following storage tips:

    Tightly sealed storage bags or plastic containers and kept on ice in the refrigerator. Using this specific method, fresh scallops and crustacea tails will last up to three to four days and fresh fish will last for five to seven days

    Scallops, arthropods, and fish tails can be frozen in water and stored in a freezer for four to six months at a constant temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or less. To unfreeze, let them in the refrigerator overnight, or you can place them under cold running water just before you cook them.

    Live, hardshell mollusks can stay alive for a week to 10 days if stored un-iced in refrigerator, when stored at 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Freshly shucked mollusks can last up to 10 days when packed in ice and refrigerated.

    Fresh softshell crabs can be stored for up to two days if wrapped in plastic and packed in ice in a refrigerator. They can last up to six months when wrapped in multiple layers of plastic and stored in a freezer (at 0 degrees Fahrenheit). It is important to thaw them overnight in the refrigerator compartment.

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