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10 key Benefits of Eating Seafood

As you know, there are lots of fish that fall into the list of seafood products out of which Golden Pompano, Alaska Pollock fish, cod gadus morhua etc. are the commonest and most popular ones.


Understanding the Different Types of Shrimps

The shrimps are becoming increasingly popular than ever before with the passage of time. Being a highly delectable item, it is on the lips of every seafood gourmet who enjoy it consuming with great interest and zeal.


Great Tips to buy Fresh Seafood

You know how scrumptious seafood tastes and the wholesome benefits it offers, then the odds are very high that you would be looking to feast on one of your most favorite seafood dishes now.


A Premier and Prized Frozen Seafood Distributor

King Nestle International Company is one of the distinguished frozen seafood distributors of very high-quality seafood products in China. Even in the cutthroat competition, we have carved out a niche for ourselves by supplying exotic frozen seafood products on a shoestring.


Sharing Some Knowable Information About Shellfish

Shellfish are invertebrate animals that live both on marine or freshwater resources. Invertebrate means that these creates are without backbone and/or spinal column.