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A superb seafood delicacy to be had by King Nestle Company

King Nestle International Company, being one of the foremost frozen seafood distributors in the industry, prizes your seafood penchants for the most part and is ready to give you your due warmly.


Consuming Frozen Seafood is a Fantastic Way to Promote Your Health

The Chinese piscaries are already a rage in the seafood industry for a variety of reasons; first, they supply highest-grade fishes of different types from different regions of the world.


The Importance of Freezing Fish

Decaying of fish takes place in the wake of not preserving it, which gives rise to the growth of bacteria and loss of their protein and fat. The best alternative is to choose the freezing method.


Consumers’ Safety Recommendations for Seafood Products

Now that consuming seafood has been a feature for a mass of seafood gourmets from all over the world either for entertaining the taste buds or for giving the full-scale nutrition to the bodies.


What are mollusks and how to freeze them well?

Mollusks are a type of shellfish that are a cardinal part of seafood dishes. Anyone who has tried a mussels dish perfectly prepared will, for sure, voluntarily sing the praises of its amazing delicious taste and delicate texture.