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The Highly Experienced and Renowned Frozen Seafood Specialist for Over a Decade

At King Nestle International Company, we are looked on one of the principals and the most esteemed suppliers of fresh and frozen seafood in China.


A certified frozen seafood company offering highest quality of seafood products

King Nestle International Company is one of the renowned suppliers and exporters of a variety of sought-after seafood products with a factory in China.


The illustrious frozen seafood company supplying finest seafood products

King Nestle International Company is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of tilapia fish in China, which features the highest quality and diverse varieties of seafood products.


The Company at the vanguard of Supply A-one Frozen Seafood Products

We are one of the fastest growing frozen seafood companies in the industry that are engaged in supplying the best quality frozen seafood products to our country and exporting the same to other parts of the world.


king Nestle International Company Guarantees to Maintain the Sustainability of Fish and other sea Creatures

It is hard to even imagine the world without seafood for anyone who consumes it, particularly for the hardcore seafood enthusiasts who live in the world for enjoying these delectable and nutritious eatable items.