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Explore Sea food industry in China

As per a research conducted by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), China is rapidly following food shopping habits that the Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the origin of food and the well-being.


Mussels : The little, dainty blue seafood creature

Mussels, also known as blue mussels are the largely sought-after seafood delicacy for a maximum number of seafood gourmets from all over the world. 


From where to buy seafood products and the benefits

Seafood taste is beyond compare and so it is easy to say that the products entertain the taste buds of gourmets beyond compare. Nutritionally, seafood whether they are vanammei white shrimps, blue mussels etc.


5 Tips to Cook a Delicious Golden Pompano

Golden Pompano or commonly dubbed as Pompano fish and Florida is a highly sought-after saltwater breed of fish, which is characteristically found inshore and near the shore.


Which China-Based Website To Choose To Buy Blue Mussels Or Any Other Seafood Item?

King Nestle International Company is one of the renowned suppliers and exporters of a variety of sought-after seafood products with a factory in China.