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Seafood – A heart-friendly alternative to fast food

Whether you are recuperating from a cardio vascular disease or just want to bypass the odds, a heart-healthy diet must be the regimen.


Frozen vannamei white shrimp - One of the Most Preferred Seafood Items

Shrimps are the ubiquitous creatures that are found in all oceans. The shrimp from the North Atlantic, being medium in size are characterized by their rather sweet taste. The Asian wild shrimp are offered as whole prawns or large shrimp tails.


Importing and Exporting Squid from frozen squid suppliers in China

Importing and exporting the inclusive range of seafood items has been in a great trend for a long time. China seafood suppliers are today at the cutting-edge of supplying seafood items to worldwide countries.


Explore Sea food industry in China

As per a research conducted by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), China is rapidly following food shopping habits that the Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the origin of food and the well-being.


Mussels : The little, dainty blue seafood creature

Mussels, also known as blue mussels are the largely sought-after seafood delicacy for a maximum number of seafood gourmets from all over the world.