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Seafood-Packed and Ready To Go!

When it comes to Frozen Seafood one has to be very careful of what he buys. As a consumer you should be interested in not only getting what you want, but also ensure that what you get is quality and safe Seafood. Seafood is more vulnerable for environmental contamination and other bacteria that may cause serious illness and even food poisoning. So what should you be looking at when buying Frozen Seafood? The important factor is the company providing it. You should ensure that the company has a reputation of living up to the high quality standards required by frozen Seafood suppliers. The packaging also needs to be checked for tampering, its manufacturing date and best before date. Never rely on instincts as Frozen Seafood is considered to be high risk foods. What can I expect to get in Frozen Seafood? You can buy variety of Frozen Seafood from the market stalls. Fishes like Alaska Pollock, Atlantic Cod, Golden Pompon, White Shrimp, Frozen Blue Mussels, the famous frozen squid and many more. They are easily available at a supermarket near you. How do I know that the Frozen Seafood I am buying is of good quality? It’s important for the health of your loved ones that you buy the right kind of frozen sea food. Here, is a checklist of things you can follow to ensure that you buy right: 1. Make sure that the fish you are buying is refrigerated properly; if on display see that it is laid on a thick bed of non-melting ice. 2. The fish should smell mild and fresh, not stale or sour. 3. Clear and bulging eyes are signs of fresh fish. 4. When pressed the flesh should spring back. 5. When buying whole fish or fillets, ensure that their flesh is firm and shiny, and their gills bright red without milky slime. 6. If you are buying packed or tinned fish, check for the recommended storage temperature and ensure that the fish was stored at that temperature. 7. Read the label careful to see when the food was packed, it’s better to avoid a product stored for a long time. Should I buy fresh fish better than frozen fish? The modern freezing techniques used today make frozen fish a much superior option then the fresh ones. Nowadays, a lot of fish are frozen on the boats itself, soon after they are caught, this technique is called flash-freezing. These units are known to maintain a far lower temperature then our home freezers. Also notable is that many ‘fresh’ fish that are available in the market have been frozen previously. Does the Nutrition Value of the fish get affected? Because of being flash frozen the nutritional value of the fish remains intact. Flash freezing slows down the decaying process and preserves the high-protein cholesterol fighting effects of the fish. Fish helps keep our heart health as it’s a rich source of omega-3. The process of freezing the fish soon after being caught helps preserve vitamins A, B12 and D as well. Now that we have discussed a few factors about Frozen Sea Food that you need to consider next time you go shopping…hope you get a good catch!
Seafood-Packed and Ready To Go!