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Seafood Clam-A Well-Known And Very Scrumptious Seafood Product

The word “clam” has no significant information or history in biology. However, in the US seafood industry, the term is used to mean mollusk having two valves. It is also used to refer to a bivalve other than a mussel, scallop, and oyster. It is oval shaped and a fresh water animal. The clam means species having bivalve and is edible, which is buried in sand therefore, sometimes it is referred to digging. Edible clam or not usually all in round or oval shaped rather they can be enlarged and straight razor shaped, having shell. A clam’s shell has two valves, which are connected with a pivot joint and a sinew that is either external or internal. Two adductor muscles of the being are close to the shell. The being is without head and eyes. However, scallops are present which a notable exception is, but the animal does contain kidney, mouth, heart, and anus. Clam has open circulatory system similar to mollusks. Their organ is surrounded by watery blood and this blood holds oxygen and nutrients. They depend for their food on plankton, whereas the being is the food of small sharks and squid. In the sense of culinary, the clam refers to hard shell Mercenaria; some of the species do also hold soft shell. The marine creature can be eaten in raw form or they can be cooked in different ways like boiling, grilling, baking and many more. The ways of cooking mainly depends on the size and the species of the being. United States and Canada are famous for their clam chowder soup. Whereas in other part of world like Italy and France the creature is used with other food item like pasta and are eaten in many forms. Clam dip is famous in France and Italy. A species of giant clam known as maxima and is famous with its use in saltwater aquarium hobbyists. New England clam chowder is somewhat different from the United States flavor as they use some other herbs and ingredients to flavor it.
Seafood Clam-A Well-Known And Very Scrumptious Seafood Product