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ABOUT - Frozen Seafood China

King Nestle International Company is one of the distinguished suppliers of blinding and exotic quality seafood products in China. Despite being in the awful competitive environment, we have carved out a niche for ourselves by supplying exemplary frozen seafood products and services at rather affordable price rates. You can also rest assured that our smart and hospitable customer service will deeply touch your heart and encourage you to choose us all the time for receiving quality seafood products. We try to be as obliging as possible for our valued customers by catering their every need like a dream.


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We deploy state-of-the-art gimmicks in order to ensure the seafood products are best frozen and you get level best seafood from China without compromise in quality and taste. heeeee

ABOUT - Frozen Seafood China

King Nestle International Company is one of the distinguished suppliers of blinding and exotic quality seafood products in China. Despite being in the awful competitive environment, we have carved out a niche for ourselves by supplying exemplary frozen seafood products and services at rather affordable price rates. You can also rest assured that our smart and hospitable customer service will deeply touch your heart and encourage you to choose us all the time for receiving quality seafood products. We try to be as obliging as possible for our valued customers by catering their every need like a dream.

We deploy state-of-the-art gimmicks in order to ensure the seafood products are best frozen and you get level best seafood from China without compromise in quality and taste.

We invoke you to go through our broad spectrum of seafood products which typically include frozen tilapia fillets, Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua), Alaska Pollock fish, Vannamei white shrimp, Golden pompano, frozen squid and frozen blue mussels that you can choose from based on your personal interests and needs.

We esteem our customer subtlety highly and therefore strive to charge as minimal charges for the service we offer. We strive to bring the house down by deploying innovative processing line technology whilst sticking to benchmark industry standards.

In our constant endeavors to provide exotic seafood, King Nestle International Company aims to entertain the taste buds of its seafood gourmets predominantly. We hope you like keep visiting to our website and utilizing the services to the fullest and we still assay to make your experience even more memorable as time passes.