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Alaska Pollock Fish

Alaska Pollock Fish

Alaska Pollock, also popularly known as Walleye Pollock has been causing a sensation among oodles of worldwide seafood lovers.......

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Frozen Squid

Frozen Squid

Frozen squid is maybe the first choice of a host of seafood enthusiasts from far and wide places of the world. To gain maximum delectability......

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Frozen Tilapia Fillets

Frozen Tilapia Fillets

Frozen tilapia fillet is one of the principal species of the cichlid fish that is endemic to freshwater seas and oceans. Tilapia is largely......

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Vannamei White Shrimp

Vannamei White Shrimp

Vannamei white shrimp is a very scrumptious and one of the most popular seafood products sought after by most seafood gourmets...

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Cod Gadus Morhua
Blue Mussels
Golden Pompano
Alaska Pollock Fish
Frozen Squid
Frozen Tilapia Fillets

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King Nestle International Company is one of the distinguished suppliers of blinding and exotic quality seafood products in China. Despite being in the awful competitive environment, we have carved out a niche for ourselves by supplying exemplary frozen seafood products and services at rather affordable price rates. You can also rest assured that our smart and hospitable customer service will deeply touch your heart and encourage you to choose us all the time for receiving quality seafood products. We try to be as obliging as possible for our valued customers by catering their every need like a dream.


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We deploy state-of-the-art gimmicks in order to ensure the seafood products are best frozen and you get level best seafood from China without compromise in quality and taste. heeeee

Clients Testimonials

  • Lieb


    I am highly impressed with the staff at King Nestle Company as a result of their gracious and professional attitude in which they operate the business internationally. I have been ordering my favorite frozen seafood items for the past 2 years and over the years, I have been receiving high-grade quality in the seafood, as well as timeliness in the deliveries. On the whole, it is a great pleasure to choose the Company.

  • Rebecca


    Extremely courteous and cooperative staff that is rare to find online today. They are guys operate their business very sincerely and ensure inevitably that every item they supply is 100% fresh and edible. When it comes to shipping, it is done on time and correctly.

  • Teresa


    The service King Nestle Company offered to me is just out of the ordinary!Their strategy to giving scruplous attention to detail of the client's needs and unrivaled quality in the products have led me to choose the company once and for all.

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